I have seen Murphy's Blues Band and they are AWESOME!!! Great songs that let you dance all night long!!! I saw them at Harlow's and The Mole's Hill theatre in Gilsum....If you get a chance... definitely check them out!!! Jovanna Lindgren

Murphy's Blues was our wedding band and will always be near and dear to our hearts. We got many compliments on how great the band was at the reception and how they kept everyone dance. We love MB! -- Laura Bedard

  The music was excellent funky, soulful and it had a good beat you could dance to. -- Sherry Hughes, The Keene Sentinel entertainment section editor

  Awesome high energy blues, funk and soul band! -- David Szehi - Harlow's Pub

Saturday night with full emersion in their sound.  Lots of New Orleans influence. They are a terrific 7 piece group with bongos, drums, sax, key board, guitars and singers including a woman ~ all full of joy. P. Wiggins

  A Murphy's Blues show is always memorable. This group does a great job with a great variety of music - people get out there and dance for a set at a time. The horn section rocks, the bass and guitars are clean and well defined, the keyboard work is outstanding. And those girls can sing. --- Chris Leake

  Great musicians, serious music, great vocals all blended for your pleasure and to entice your soul ---- John Marshall

 Welcome to great music, engaging band presence and non-stop dancing with Murphy's Blues! --- Susan McNeil

 I love dancing to Murphy's Blues. Some of my most blissful dance moments in recent years have been with Murphy's - I often feel that the crowd and the band are co-creating, all jamming together in a joyous celebration of life. --- Adriana Elliot - Dance Instructor

 Jim, the Murphy clan and a cast of very talented musicians will make you think you died and went to Motown . --- Salt Hill Pub

Everyone knows that Murphy's Blues is a band with "a lotta soul". But they're also a band with "a lotta heart". Some people sit and listen to the music, which includes tight instrumentals and outstanding female vocalists but most people find it hard to stay off their feet. They're a great dance band with a great attitude.  -- D. Rath